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Peter Twesigye

Peter Twesigye

PhD Candidate

Peter Twesigye is a PhD Candidate at Power Futures Lab. He is an Infrastructure Economist with work experience in Electricity Distribution & previously in Utility Urban Water and Sanitation Management. Peter's research is focused on Understanding Structural and Governance Incentives for Improved Utility Performance in East Africa. Peter has expertise in; Strategic planning, Regulation, Performance Contract Formulation and Design, Investment planning and appraisal, Tariff Setting & policy reviews and Energy Concessions analysis. He is member of the Academy of Regulatory Professionals Advisory Board (University of Florida's -PURC). Until recently, Peter was the Manager Regulatory Affairs at Umeme Ltd and previously worked as a Senior Economist with National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) in Uganda. Peter also worked as an Associate Consultant for 2ML Consulting Ltd in promoting PIPs and turnaround initiatives in a number of African Utilities.

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